I. I love art, tea, people watching, traveling, booze, music, & a good literature.

II. I have unhealthy obsessions w/ Lost Girl, Anna Torv, Charlotte Sullivan, Lana Parrilla, Aliyah O'Brien and Stana Katic
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there are two types of people in the world

  • people who are in love with tatiana maslany
  • and people who haven’t seen orphan black

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i currently have a crush on 94 people at the same time 

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Regina Mills in ONE episode


  • Apologized to Belle
  • Showed concern for Emma
  • Accepted Mary Margaret’s apology for her mother’s murder
  • Literally put herself in danger to save Mary Margaret
  • Saved Mary Margaret
  • Apologized for fighting against Mary Margaret
  • Showed more character development than every other character combined since the beginning of the show.

Arguments are invalid.

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